10 Most Useful Apps For Bachelor's Students

10 Most Useful Apps For Bachelor's Students

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Your phone is one of the most useful tools you've got when you're studying. Try out these ten apps which will help to get you through your Bachelor's degree:

1. Dropbox

You have a backup of all your important electronic files, right? Right? Okay, if you haven't gotten around to that yet, then you can at least start using Dropbox. This app syncs all of your files to the cloud, so you can access your important files from any device or location, and it will also work as a backup in a pinch.

2. Amazon Kindle

The Kindle app can store all of your eBooks which you've bought through Amazon – but an even more useful feature is that you can upload your own PDFs to the app and annotate them. When you've got a big stack of reading to do for one of your classes, upload it to Kindle and you can read it, highlight relevant parts, or takes notes, all on your phone.

3. iTunes U

Take online courses in almost anything with iTunes U. This app lets you access full courses including videos and downloads from some of the best universities in the world. If you've missed a few important classes and you need to catch up, try this to help you learn the essentials in a hurry.

4. Todoist

When you have a bunch of classes to take, essays to write, and social events to attend, it can be tough to keep track of everything. So use a to-do app like Todoist to make a list of all your tasks for the day, then revel in that oh-so-satisfying feeling of checking tasks off the list once you've completed them.

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5. Dictionary.com

Quickly look up definitions of words on the go with the dictionary.com app, even when you're offline - handy for when you're in the middle of reading or in a lecture and you come across a new term. Plus use the word of the day feature to expand your vocabulary a little bit each day.

6. Skype

If you've moved away from family and friends for the first time to do your Bachelor's degree, keep in touch using the Skype app. You can use the text chat or the video chat to keep in contact with your loved ones back home, to keep you company and boost your motivation when you're struggling.

7. Evernote

Electronic notes, audio files, bits of paper... who can keep track of it all? Evernote can help to organize all of your notes into one location. You can upload files electronically or take photos of paper notes using your phone's camera and store everything in searchable scrapbooks.

8. Pocket

When you're browsing online and you see an interesting article but you don't have time to read it right now, you can use the Pocket app to save it for later. It saves offline versions of web pages, so you can read your articles later even if you don't have wifi or mobile data – which is great for keeping you entertained on boring journeys on the bus or train.

9. EasyBib

The only thing more annoying than formatting your essay is formatting your bibliography. There are a bunch of different citation styles like MLA, APA, Chicago and Harvard, each of which is slightly different, and trying to get the formatting just right is a pain. Luckily, the EasyBib app can help – you can use your phone's camera to photograph the barcode on your books and the app automatically creates a bibliography in the format of your choice.

10. Mint

Money worries are common for every student – in between loans to manage and tuition fees to pay, it can feel like an overwhelming task to manage your money. The Mint app helps you track your income and spending, so you can see exactly how much cash you have on hand at any time. Plus it's an essential for setting up a budget, which will help you get through the semester financially unscathed.

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