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    • 1 hour ago

    Naturejobs Career Expo London

    Springer Nature
    London, United Kingdom

    The Naturejobs Career Expo is the largest careers event and conference exclusively targeted towards the life sciences, physical sciences and medical field of study. We are proud to...

    Paper Deadline: Oct 02, 2017 Deadline: Oct 02, 2017 Starts: Oct 04, 2017
    Oct 04, 2017 0 0 Springer Nature
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    • 1 day ago

    5 Top Speakers in Health Conferences

    Conference Monkey
    United Kingdom

    If you're thinking about attending a conference, then as well as the location and the scale of the event, you should be sure to check out who the keynote speakers are. A keyno...

    Sep 20, 2017
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    • 2 weeks ago

    5 Top Speakers in Economics Conferences

    United Kingdom

    The right speaker can turn a standard conference into something truly memorable. Attending an event with a famous or well-regarded keynote speaker can be a great way to learn more ...

    Sep 07, 2017
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    • 1 week ago

    Geography Minor

    University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
    Green Bay, United States

    Geography is an academic discipline that systematically studies the location, variation and interrelations of natural and cultural features of the earth....

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2020 0 0 University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
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    • 14 hours ago

    Earth Science

    Kean University
    Kent, United States

    The Earth Science Program at SESS offers degrees with options in the areas of Geology, Meteorology, Earth System Science, General Earth Science, Geological Science and Society, Atm...

    0 0 Kean University
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    • 7 hours ago

    Earth from Space

    Join us Friday, 22 September, at 10:00 CEST for the ‘Earth from Space’ video programme...

    Sep 21, 2017
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    • 9 hours ago

    Geology, B.S.

    Utah Valley University
    Orem, United States

    Geology is the study of the Earth, including its water and atmosphere, and its relationship to humans and other living things. Geology applies chemistry, physics, mathematics and b...

    0 0 Utah Valley University
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    • 11 minutes ago

    M.S. in Geology

    Idaho State University
    Pocatello, United States

    The Masters of Science Degree in Geology is for those who have an undergraduate degree in geology and have demonstrated the potential for research....

    0 0 Idaho State University
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    • 4 hours ago

    MA in Geography

    University of Sussex
    London, United Kingdom

    We also offer this course as a three-year BSc, a three-year BA and a four-year MArts. On the BA, you explore the relationships between human societies and their environments. You ...

    0 0 University of Sussex
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    • 17 hours ago

    Environmental Science, BA

    Western State Colorado University
    Gunnison, United States

    The Environmental Science Minor at Western teaches fundamentals of life sciences in a “living laboratory” of the Rockies. It gives students the opportunity to add a stronger scien...

    0 0 Western State Colorado University
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    • 54 minutes ago


    University of Calgary
    Calgary, Canada

    Geography scholars ask questions such as: Who participates in Mexico City’s informal economy? How do logging operations impact aquatic ecosystems? Does urban sprawl increase homele...

    Deadline: Mar 01, 2018 Starts: Sep 23, 2018
    0 0 University of Calgary
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    • 12 hours ago

    Giant berg on the move

    Until a few days ago, the huge chunk of ice that broke off Antarctica’s ice shelf in July has remained close, buffeting back and forth against the shelf. A68 is now on the move an...

    Sep 21, 2017
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    • 10 hours ago

    Vitamin super-cocktail to combat 60 days of lying in bed


    This week will see the second ESA bedrest study investigating a mix of antioxidants and vitamins that could help astronauts to combat the side effects of living in space. Ten ...

    Sep 22, 2017
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    • 5 hours ago

    Geology Major

    Shawnee State University
    Portsmouth, United States

    Shawnee State has an outstanding degree in geology, designed for students seeking careers in earth science, environmental science, or entry into graduate programs in geology or env...

    0 0 Shawnee State University
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    • 8 hours ago

    Thar be rovers

    United States

    Operations image of the week: The webcam on Mars Express spots the craters where rovers have roved...

    Sep 21, 2017
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    • 4 hours ago

    Geography with a Language BA

    University of Sussex
    Brighton, United Kingdom

    Learn from experts in migration and development, and work on your language skills. You learn how global issues affect local communities and even when you’re working closer to home...

    Starts: September
    0 0 University of Sussex
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    • 14 hours ago

    Environmental Science BSc Hons

    Lancaster University
    Lancaster, United Kingdom

    Discover the global challenges facing our environment through a series of fascinating topics that are brought to life out in the field and in dedicated state-of-the-art laboratorie...

    0 0 Lancaster University
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    • 47 minutes ago

    Environmental Management MSc

    Brunel University
    Uxbridge, United Kingdom

    Starting in January 2018, our new Master's course in Environmental Management addresses the management principles necessary for the successful implementation of sound environmental...

    Deadline: Dec 01, 2017 Starts: Jan 01, 2018
    0 0 Brunel University
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    • 7 hours ago

    Physical Geography (Study Abroad) BSc Hons

    Lancaster University
    Lancaster, United Kingdom

    Physical Geography is the scientific study of the physical and environmental aspects of geography....

    0 0 Lancaster University
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    • 11 hours ago

    Geospatial Technologies

    J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
    Goochland, United States

    This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in technologies using geographic information and positioning systems and provides a strong foundation for con...

    0 0 J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
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    • 2 hours ago

    Environmental Science

    Bradley University
    Peoria, United States

    Bradley’s environmental science programs give you a foundation in biology, chemistry, ecology and earth science. From there, you choose to specialize in biology, chemistry or physi...

    0 0 Bradley University
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    • 12 hours ago

    PhD in Marinie Science

    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
    Dallas, United States

    The PhD program requires a minimum of fifty four credit hours. Each PhD student must complete four core courses, one in each of four core areas: biological oceanography, chemical o...

    0 0 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
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    • 1 day ago

    BA in Applied Geology

    Curtin University
    Bentley, Australia

    Geologists study how the Earth works, including the natural planetary processes and issues directly affecting people, such as viability of resources, geological hazards, climate ch...

    0 0 Curtin University
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    • 23 hours ago

    Earth/Space Education Option, Liberal Arts A.A.

    Gulf Coast State College
    Panama City, United States

    Do you like the outdoors, mountains, volcanoes, minerals, fossils, or beach? Are you interested in chemistry and chemistry experiments? Do you like plants, animals, and other organ...

    0 0 Gulf Coast State College
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    • 1 day ago

    MSc Risk

    Durham University
    Durham, United Kingdom

    Despite the phenomenal technological progress of the 20th century, most people still live with the acute and chronic consequences of age-old hazards such as floods and earthquakes....

    0 0 Durham University