How to Offer a Positive Candidate Experience

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How to Offer a Positive Candidate Experience

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In today's world, candidates look for the potential to learn, develop and grow. They also seek shared values from the brands or businesses they willing to dedicate their time and skills to - which is why providing the best possible candidate experience process is essential


Studies suggest that millennials (a cohort that makes up a significant chunk of today's workforce) feel that if their employer has a high-trust culture, they’re 22 times more likely to stay there long term. Moreover, 46% of candidates would end a business relationship as a result of a poor candidate experience.


By offering a seamless, personalized and positive candidate experience, you will foster trust, forge meaningful connections and increase your chances of hiring the best possible talent for your institution or organization, significantly.


To help steer your recruitment success, here we look at the most effective ways you can offer a positive candidate experience.


Be honest and transparent


Today’s job seekers value honesty, clarity and transparency above all else. To ensure the best possible candidate experience from the outset, you should use clear, accessible language, outlining the entire process as well as all of your aims, goals and expectations.


Doing so will not only help you candidates prepare themselves for their recruitment journey but you will also help them to understand your values, beliefs and mission as a recruiter - positioning yourself as an honest, transparency and trustworthy employer.

Connect with your candidate


During every stage of the recruitment journey, personally branch out to your candidates with information on the next steps, tailored to the role they’re applying in a way that resonates with their personality.


Moreover, you should always offer communicative touchpoints & valuable content (online chat, FAQs, email & telephone contact details) tutorial articles, video content to inspire confidence while ensuring the process is smooth and fluent from start to finish.


Talent Recruitment

Drive tailored processes


Depending on the role you’re recruiting for, you should develop a slightly different candidate journey that will help your applicants answer relevant questions while demonstrating their skills, value and outlooks in a more practical sense.


For instance, if you’re looking for niche web developers for your institution’s new mobile applications, you should set a coding and development task in addition to holding a more traditional Q&A-based interview.


By tailoring your processes, you’ll offer candidates the opportunity to showcase their value through an engaging approach that will offer value to you and your applicants.



Do you want to make sure your candidate journey is as smooth and successful as possible? We offer a consulting service to help you with your efforts. Contact us here 


Focus on your employer branding


In the digital world, recruitment and marketing go hand in hand.


Much like conventional branding, employer branding drills down into the benefits of working for your organization while communicating for USPs, values, mission, development opportunities and general perks to potential candidates by levering modern digital marketing principles.


By taking this approach to all of your candidate journey-based content and communications, you’ll create an experience that really resonates with your applicants - the key ingredient to recruiter success.


To help you with your efforts, here’s our employer branding guide for your reading pleasure.


By following these key tips, being personable and remaining consistent, you’ll make your candidate journey as smooth and successful as possible, helping you to entice the best talent for your organization today, tomorrow and years to come.


Do you have any candidate journey tips of your own? Share them with us by leaving a comment.


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