MSc Archaeological Science

The MSc in Archaeological Science is designed to provide a broad theoretical and practical understanding of current issues and the techniques archaeologists use to investigate the human past. Its purpose is to provide a pathway for archaeologists or graduates of other scientific disciplines to either professional posts or doctoral research in archaeological science. It focuses particularly on the organic remains of humans, animals and plants which is a rapidly developing and exciting field of archaeometry. Major global themes such as animal and plant domestication and human migration and diet will be explored integrating evidence from a range of sub-disciplines in environmental and biomolecular archaeology. Students taking this course will study and work in a range of environmental, DNA, isotope and dating laboratories alongside expert academic staff. The aim of this programme is to enable you to: Devise and carry out in-depth study in archaeological science Analyse and interpret results Communicate scientific results to a variety of audiences Develop the inter-disciplinary skills (cultural and scientific) to work effectively in archaeology. You will gain a critical understanding of the application of scientific techniques to our study of the human past, and receive intensive training in a specific area of archaeological science. You will examine the theory underpinning a range of scientific techniques, as well as the current archaeological context in which they are applied and interpreted.

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