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Professional communication in a digitally-connected world is complex and the skills demanded by it have changed. Now, in addition to interpersonal and business communication, critical communication skills demanded by employers include digital media, social media, technical, inter-cultural, conflict and problem-solving, and leadership. Because these skills apply to many professional roles, the online Bachelor's of Applied Science in Communication Studies degree program will prepare you for varied careers:

Corporate and organizational communication

Journalism and public relations

Mass communication and social media strategy

Training and technical communication

Central to communication studies is understanding communication theories and how to put them into practice to achieve communication that is effective in context. In Bellevue University's Communication Studies coursework, you'll learn to understand, analyze and find solutions to communication problems that are suitable for diverse audiences. You'll be challenged to develop the strategic communication skills necessary for professional success and to achieve organizational goals. In addition to the core coursework, you'll choose one of these emphasis areas to more closely align the communication degree with your own career goals:

Mass Media

Organizational and Strategic Communication

The Bellevue University Bachelor of Applied Science in Communication Studies online or in-class provides a firm foundation and enhances your overall effectiveness for many career paths requiring strong communication skills.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Communication Studies BAS degree will be prepared to:

Apply communication theories, perspectives, and concepts to a variety of communication contexts.

Create messages appropriate to audience, purpose, and context.

Explain the academic discipline of Communication and characterize the role communication plays in career development and civic engagement.

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