Target 1+ million of students, researchers, academics and professionals
in 11 specialized career platforms






Career and study opportunities in 60+ countries





Visitors from 150+ countries





Multi-channel recruitment: on website, in email and social media




Reach the right people in our 11 niche portals

We work with you to create effective, personalized and multichannel campaigns.




Reach the most relevant and specialized audience for your institution



Online Announcements

✓ Description of your offers
✓ Various offer types to choose from
✓ 4 levels of promotion
✓ Shared in all relevant websites


Customize and boost your Announcement

✓ Banners
✓ Promotion via email
✓ Editorial stories




We have successfully helped universities, associations, and research institutes to recruit students and staff



University Milan
"This is our 3rd consecutive year promoting programs, jobs and conferences on INOMICS. Thank you so much for your assistance and professionalism!"
Michela Argenti
EPS Secretariat - Research Office
University of Milan
"Last year, we were very lucky to have INOMICS on our side to promote our first summer school. Now we not only renew the promotion for the second summer school but also promote 2 master’s programs"
Sylvain Riffe Stern
Responsible for communications and press relations,
Paris School of Economics (PSE)



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